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The Rules 1.1

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The Rules 1.1 Empty The Rules 1.1

Post  Corwo on Sat Jan 15, 2011 8:47 pm

Take some time before you start posting to read the rules please.These rules will keep you from getting in to trouble with the forum staff.If you don't follow the rules you will eventually get infracted,then banned,and if it's extremely bad,than you'll be perma-banned.

1.No cussing or inappropriate language
2.No racism or calling names
3.Please don't flame/fight
4.No double posting.Please use the button that says "Edit"
5.No inappropriate pictures
6.Please don't advertise unless it is in your signature or the Advertising section of our forum
7.No hacking or hacking discussion,this is an automatic Perma-Ban
8.Please don't ask for or give out personal information.We care about your safety!
9.Don't Spam, spam stands for stupid pointless annoying messages, example of spam is :q5q903
10. No posting on topics older than 60 days
11. No illegal discussion, such as posting a guide on bomb making or showing a video of illegal street racing. You can get not only yourself, but the whole forum board in trouble
12.Please don't ask to become a Moderator or any Staff Member, this could ruin your chances of ever becoming a Staff Member

Please have fun and remember to be safe. Follow these rules and you'll be okay.
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